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The Big 'Mix and match' box builder

This builder is for serious shoppers only. It has some of everything. Be sure to think about how the items will fit and look together to make your ultimate unique collection.

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Themed Box Builders

Want some help with curation? You still get to customize but we give you a head start.

Food & Drink Box

Bath & Body

Literature Box

Apparel & Accessories

Truth & Reconciliation Resource Box

Tea Time Box

Gift Bags

Perfect for small gifts

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Our Mission

is to promote and elevate the good work being done by Indigenous Entrepreneurs.

We are guided by values based on the teachings of shared abundance through reciprocity and connectedness.

Food and Drink Box

Perfect for culinary explorers and connoisseurs of unique tastes.

Bath and Body Box

Whether you're looking for relaxation, rejuvenation, or simply a daily dose of pampering.

A child peeks over an open Indigenous Box lid

Good Reads Box

From gripping novels to enlightening non-fiction, create a personalized box that reflects your literary interests and celebrates Indigenous authors.

Fashion & Accessories

Explore and assemble your own fashion box from a curated selection of Indigenous-designed clothing and accessories.

Tea Time Box

Create your own tea time box, featuring a selection of exquisite Indigenous teas.


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Our Boxes

have been gifted by over 400 organizations since March 2021