Cathy Kotchea Beaded Card Cases

Color:Blue Petals with Stem
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Cathy was born in Fort Liard, NT. She has been beading since she was a young girl, stringing beads with her mother, sister and grandmother. More recently the high demand has encouraged her to start selling her products. She finds great satisfaction and overall accomplishment from finishing products and selling them on the market.

Cathy Kotchea

"I was born and raised in and around the community of Fort Liard where I still live with my husband-to-be and son. For me, traditional arts come from deep within my culture and from my family’s influences. I grew up watching my parents and grandparents making and selling birchbark baskets and moosehide products. In the early months of my pregnancy and sobriety, I felt the importance to carry forward my culture and artwork that I learned from my parents. My culture and my traditional teachings are very important and I would like to pass that down to my children.

In the fall time, we go out on the land to harvest moose. In recent years, I have been able to tan my own hides with the guidance of my mother. It's taken me many years and a lot of patience to learn how to traditionally tan a moosehide. My mother has been a great support and without her expertise and guidance I would not have been able to accomplish the hides that I had done. For the last 10 years, I have been beading and doing quillwork on a vary of different natural materials, such as moosehide or birchbark. I have finally gained the confidence to share my work with others, after personally hearing all the compliments I have been given."

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