"Cultural Curriculum" Indigenous Wisdom Gift Box

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Embark on an insightful journey into the heart of Indigenous knowledge and traditions with our "Cultural Curriculum" Gift Box. Curated to include elements of meditation and reflection while still welcoming and encouraging for young readers.

Inside the Gift Box:

  1. Bangin' Bannock Ready Made Mix:

    • Savor the traditional taste of Bannock, a staple food in many communities. The history of bannock is complex and creates a great opportunity to continue the conversation of equality, survival and reconciliation. This ready-made mix ensures you get the real flavor and texture, right in the comfort of your home. Perfect for those moments of togetherness.
  2. Parenteau's Gourmet Saskatoon Jam:

    • Dive into the luscious sweetness of Saskatoon berries with this gourmet jam. Handcrafted with love, it captures the wild essence and natural richness of this beloved fruit.
  3. "Embers" by Richard Wagamese:

    • Delve deep into the spiritual musings and reflective insights of Richard Wagamese in "Embers." Each page resonates with wisdom, offering lessons on life, love, and the intricate tapestry of human experience.
  4. "The Rez Detectives" by Judd, Jacob, and Perker:

    • Dive into adventure with this enthralling narrative. Set against the backdrop of a reservation, this tale of young detectives is both gripping and enlightening, shedding light on the complexities of Indigenous communities.
  5. Indigenous Legends Colouring Book by 1491 Publishing:

    • Let your creativity flow with this captivating coloring book. Filled with intricate designs inspired by celebrated Indigenous leaders, it's an invitation to connect, relax, and immerse in the vibrancy of modern heroes.
  6. Boreal Heartland's Wild Harvested Labrador Tea:

    • Brew a cup of serenity with this wild-harvested Labrador tea. Handpicked from the pristine forests of the Boreal Heartland, each sip transports you to the untouched wilderness, offering solace and rejuvenation.

Special Features:

  • Cultural Insight: Beyond just items, this gift box provides an intimate understanding of Indigenous culture, traditions, and stories.
  • Eco-conscious Packaging: Housed in a sustainable, recyclable Indigenous Box.
  • Gift Ready: Ideal for those passionate about learning, culture, or simply indulging in authentic Indigenous experiences.

Discover, learn, and savor with our "Cultural Curriculum" Gift Box. It's more than just a collection; it's an education, an experience, and a heartfelt tribute to Indigenous wisdom and artistry. 🍂📖🎨🍵

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