"Get Well Soon" Indigenous Box

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Inside the Gift Box:

  1. Eco-Tote Bag with Medicine Wheel Print:

    • Tote your essentials in this eco-friendly bag, adorned with the sacred Medicine Wheel print—a symbol of harmony, cycles, and interconnectedness in Indigenous culture.
  2. Tee Pee Treats Wellness Blend Loose Leaf Tea:

    • Invigorate your senses with this wellness blend, inspired by age-old herbal recipes. Every sip is a journey through nature's therapeutic wonders, promising both relaxation and rejuvenation.
  3. Oscardo Face Mask with "Dreamweaver" Art:

    • Make a statement with this beautifully crafted face mask, featuring the ethereal "Dreamweaver" art. Beyond protection, it's a wearable piece of Indigenous artistry that captures the spirit of dreams and visions.
  4. Satya Organic Fragrance-Free Multi-use Balm:

    • Experience the gentle embrace of nature with this organic balm. Perfect for dry, cracked skin, its fragrance-free formula offers a soothing touch, melding nature's purest ingredients to heal and hydrate.
  5. Lake Reflections Honey Bear:

    • Delight in the sweet, amber nectar harvested from the tranquil lakeside apiaries. This honey not only tantalizes the palate but also serves as a golden reminder of nature's simple gifts.
  6. Satya Oat Bath with Rose Petals:

    • Transform your bath into a serene oasis. Infused with soothing oats and aromatic rose petals, this blend offers a luxurious soak, melting away stress and nourishing the skin.
  7. Indigenous Art Card "Things will Get Better" by Jim Oskineegish:

    • Uplift your spirit with this poignant art card, a beacon of hope and resilience. Jim Oskineegish's art captures the essence of perseverance, making it a touching gesture for yourself or a loved one.

Dive into a world where tradition meets today with the "Earth's Echo" Gift Box. It's more than just a collection—it's an experience, a bridge between ancestral knowledge and contemporary living, grounding the spirit while uplifting the senses. 🍂🎨🍯🌹


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