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Our Story

Global Outreach, Local Impact

A little gift company with a big vision, and HUGE results

Indigenous Box™ is Canada’s fastest growing custom gift service provider and so much more. As a social impact company, Indigenous Box is a movement to create value for Indigenous entrepreneurs, strengthen supply chains, and foster economic reconciliation and collaboration between Indigenous Peoples and the rest of the world.

"Our vision is of a global economy where Indigenous people are not only included in modern commerce; they are also respected leaders and equal partners shaping the complex systems of our economy through Indigenous Worldviews."

Founded in March of 2021 by Mallory and Kham Yawnghwe, Indigenous Box has quickly emerged as a big player in the Canadian Indigenous goods and gift box market. Indigenous Box grows by helping other Indigenous businesses grow.

Indigenous Box was founded to promote Indigenous entrepreneurship and encourage Indigenous entrepreneurs. Mallory, who had recently completed a business degree in supply chain management, was inspired by the ingenuity, resourcefulness, resilience, creativity, and brilliance of countless Indigenous entrepreneurs. She wanted to share their products with buyers on a bigger scale by applying her newfound skills. As a proud First Nations woman from Saddle Lake Cree Nation in Treaty Six, Alberta, Mallory established Indigenous Box to honour the entrepreneurial DNA of Indigenous Peoples across Canada and to create important economic and social benefits for her suppliers and their communities. Kham has been by her side every step of the way, and the boxes are being shipped daily from the warehouse to homes and offices around the world. The boxes have become tools for reconciliation and economic sovereignty.

Mallory and Kham sold their first 100 boxes, from the basement of their home, within four days, restocking another 150, which sold out in 24hrs. To date, Indigenous Box has shipped more than 50,000 boxes of Indigenous goods to over 500 organizations, from their facility a the Edmonton International Airport. They have sourced goods from and have supported nearly 1000 Indigenous businesses, many of them emerging and underrepresented Indigenous entrepreneurs across Canada. Indigenous Box's loyal and growing customer base purchases subscription boxes or goods from their marketplace, which is a way for people to buy one-off products, custom boxes, or to build their own box.

What makes them most excited about their growth? Seeing their suppliers scale up to meet the demand that they've created and hearing from Indigenous people, young and old, who are starting to see entrepreneurship as a possibility for themselves.

Mission and Values

Indigenous Box’s mission is to promote and elevate the good work being done by Indigenous Entrepreneurs. You can bet that we are going to make as big a noise as we possibly can, as far and wide as we possibly can.

Our company champions Indigenous people’s true legacy: Our ingenuity; our resourcefulness; our industriousness; our intentionality; our purposefulness; our ability; our cooperation; our greatness.

We are guided by values based on the teachings of shared abundance through reciprocity and connectedness. At our core is a commitment to transparency, fairness, humility, continuous learning, and bold action

Our Founders

Mallory Yawnghwe

Mallory Yawnghwe is a dynamic force in the worlds of entrepreneurship and community engagement, leveraging her extensive experiences, deep community ties, and education to drive positive change. As the Co-Founder, CEO & Chief Reconciliation Officer of Indigenous Box, Mallory champions Indigenous businesses and nurtures meaningful connections within and between Indigenous communities and corporate Canada. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Supply Chain Management from MacEwan University and is the only Indigenous person in Canada to hold a Supply Chain Management Professional designation.

Highly respected in business and community circles, Mallory has consulted and provided educational insights for numerous initiatives, including the Indigenous Women in Community Leadership’s Circle of Abundance, Fort Edmonton Park's Indigenous Peoples Experience, MacEwan University’s Centre for Supply Chain Excellence, the Royal Alberta Museum’s Human History Exhibit, Supply Chain Canada, Global Affairs Canada, the Government of Alberta’s Indigenous Learning Initiative, the University of Waterloo’s Economic Development course, and small business advisory meetings for the Honourable Randy Boissonnault, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion of Canada, and Edmonton Global.

Kham Yawnghwe

Kham is a trained musician and business leader with a passion for social impact. His journey to Indigenous Box is less ‘typical’ and more ‘out-of-the-box’. A professional side-musician by trade, this results driven, big-picture-thinking, Co-Founder and CMO considers himself ‘the drummer for Indigenous Box’. What does that mean? It means he approaches his role in the company in the same way that he approaches a job as a side-musician, and particularly, as a drummer: a great drummer puts the music and the ensemble first. They know that their role is to provide a solid and comfortable foundation for the lead players to rest on. But it’s not enough just to play a beat, a great drummer propels the music forward, dictating the pace and the dynamic, all while making musical choices that underpin the intent of the songs. Most of all, they’re the glue that holds the ensemble together.

As one of Kham’s early mentors, the late iconic Canadian drummer Tom Doran taught him, “the audience should never notice the drummer. They only notice the drummer when they make a mistake”. The way Kham puts it, “you might not always notice the drummer, but nobody dances when they aren’t there”. But ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’. Kham’s creativity, thoughtful and supportive stewardship of the Indigenous Box story, and ability to push the envelope is the pulse behind the company's rapid-growth and deep connection with their customers. Whether connecting with a concert-going audience or with Indigenous Box’s customers, Kham’s intention is the same: act in service, and make it better with every performance.

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