What is Indigenous Box?

Indigenous Box is a subscription, gift, and custom box service shipped from amiskwaciwâskahikan (YEG) in Treaty 6 territory. Indigenous entrepreneurs are trailblazing a way forward for their families and their communities. They are reclaiming their place at the economic table. With a young and rapidly growing population, Indigenous people are a force to be reckoned with. Our company shines a spotlight on some of the amazing Indigenous people out here making entrepreneurial moves. Indigenous Box is all about representation, visibility, and challenging assumptions. And of course, helping you fall in love with some truly awesome new brands and products.

How does Indigenous Box work?

We've got options!

Discover and share Indigenous Box with Subscriptions, Ready made gifts, or Build-a-Box.

Need a bespoke experience at scale? Let us take care of you.

Contact Indigenous Box Concierge with any custom gifting or shipping inquiries.

What’s inside Indigenous Box?

Indigenous Entrepreneurs are doing so many cool things that we never know what we might find when we are searching for new products. It’s exciting and we think you'll love it!

Each Seasonal and ready made Gift Collection box is filled with 5-7 high-quality, unique, and delightful products that we've sourced from Indigenous businesses or artists.

Try Build-a-Box, and pick 5-15 items from dozens of options. Our system selects a classic or deluxe box for you based on the number of items.

Our Seasonal discovery box is a new surprise each quarter.

What should I do if I missed out on the subscription?

First things first: Thank you so much for trying to subscribe to our Seasonal Box!

If you didn't get a spot this time, be sure to sign up for our waitlist. When you get to the front of the line, you'll be notified that it's your turn to sign up.

It's true, our subscription is pretty exclusive. Do you know why?

We promised to help you discover new Indigenous Businesses.

We keep our subscription small because we want to have the opportunity to feature emerging businesses, artists, and artisans who are still building their capacities.

In the meantime, checkout our ready-made gift collections or build-a-box available 365 days a year!

Does Indigenous Box offer tax exemption?

Yes! If you are a Status First Nations, and would like tax exemption, please contact us at info@indigenousbox.ca

We'll need a copy of your status card and proof of address on reserve. The shipping address will need to match this proof of address.

When do your boxes ship?

Our Seasonal Subscription ships March-April, June-July, Sept-Oct, and Dec-Jan.

Gift boxes usually ship the same or next business day.

Custom boxes and bulk orders ship according to your needs.

Check out our Shipping Policy to learn more

Do you accept refunds?

Learn about our refund policy here.

Does Indigenous Box offer custom orders and bulk purchases?

Indigenous Box is trusted by over 300 organizations for their gifting needs.

Whether you want to bulk order our ready-made gift collections or if you'd like to try our fully-customizable Indigenous Box Concierge experience, we've got you covered!

Visit our Corporate Gifting page to learn more.

Do you ship world-wide?

Yes! Indigenous Box offers world-wide shipping with Canada Post, UPS, and DHL.