The start of something

The start of something

I can barely express how excited I am to share Indigenous Box with all of you. Creating this Indigenous Subscription Box has sparked so much light in my life as I’ve spent time reflecting, with deep gratitude and awe, on just how far our people have come.

When I started dreaming this project up, I was already trying my best to buy from Indigenous entrepreneurs. I was always on the lookout for new businesses, buying their products, and sharing about them with friends ,family, and social media. I have a great respect and appreciation for our entrepreneurs and what they represent for our people. It wasn’t that long ago that our people were not allowed to participate in any form of commerce. We weren’t allowed to be ourselves and live by our own ways, and we weren’t allowed to be equal members of society. Leaving us…nowhere. But it’s 2021 and we are still here. And we are reclaiming our rightful place in those spaces, in the roles that were taken from us. We are making our own path. We are thriving, finding ways to thrive, and making room for those who are not yet thriving.

You see, with over 700 Nations across Canada, Indigenous people are contributing more than $30 Billion dollars a year to the Canadian economy and that’s expected to triple by 2024. We are taking our rightful seat at the economic table and taking our future into our own hands. Indigenous people are changing the world and entrepreneurs are leaders whether they set out to be or not.

I made this box because our kids are watching. All of our kids. Indigenous entrepreneurs are leading their communities into a new world of possibility. They are treading in new territory. They are making space for the little ones: the next seven generations. Indigenous Box is my way of shining light on some of these incredible entrepreneurs. When you buy our box you make it possible for us to shine more light and tell the world about these trailblazers.

Indigenous Box is a celebration of the intrepid and entrepreneurial spirit that our ancestors gave us. It’s a celebration of generational resilience and determination against great odds.

When nohkumpun (my late grandmother) set out to do something important, knowing she had hard work ahead of her, she would tie her hair up in her “kokum scarf”, roll up her sleeves and get to work. Now, it's our turn.   

Ah hiy


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This is amazing!! Def my go to for Indig products! As a settler, I am glad I can support your endeavor!!!

Wes Embers

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