Sixth month reflection

Sixth month reflection

2021 has been a wild ride over here at Indigenous Box. When we started back in March, we were a tiny micro-business doing what we could to promote Indigenous Business with what little means we had. Once we launched our first box, we found out that Canada was hungry to discover Indigenous Business. And A LOT of people loved when we offered to help them do it!

Fast forward 6 months and Indigenous Box has grown so much more than we could have imagined. We have subscribers in every province and territory in Canada, and have supplied custom boxes to organizations across the country. In doing this, we helped a lot of people discover businesses that they hadn’t heard of yet. And what’s even better? Our featured businesses experienced an increase in sales, even on top of the large orders that we placed. I really think that our work and your support played a part in finding new customers for these businesses.

This, without a doubt, is our main goal with Indigenous Box and the thing we are the most proud of accomplishing! If we can raise the profile of Indigenous Businesses and increase their sales than we’ve done what we set out to do.

But then there’s the other side of it. We found that our customers really, truly loved all of the items that we chose for them. When we heard from our subscribers that our boxes were bringing anticipation, joy, and delight into their lives, we couldn’t help but be encouraged to keep going and share Indigenous Box even further and wider.

Together we can build this momentum and keep elevating Indigenous Business into the mainstream.

For our customers and subscribers Thank You! You have made Indigenous Box possible.

And for those of you who haven’t tried a box, or single box purchasers who haven’t subscribed, we hope you’ll be able to join us. If you can’t maybe you can even just tell some people about Indigenous Box, and what we are trying to do. That would mean everything to us :)


Until later,


P.S. If you didn’t know, we’ve been selling out quickly. Each season we’ve been making more boxes available and this fall Box is no exception. That being said, don’t wait too long to get yours! In fact, if you go to right now, you can make an account so you’ll be ready on September 1st. With an account, even if you miss out this time, we will be able to keep you posted on upcoming launches and exciting news.

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