Boreal Heartland "Bark Blazers" Fire Starters

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Bark Blazers are the perfect tool for easily lighting fires and replacing or aiding kindling. Made from a blend of all-natural spruce resin and bark chips, these fire starters provide a steady and long-lasting flame. Simply break off the desired amount and enjoy a hassle-free fire experience. Their unique process ensures that the resin doesn't stick, creating a hard glaze that is both convenient and effective. Whether you're out camping or at home, you'll appreciate the pleasant aroma that these fire starters add to your surroundings. And did you know? They were originally created through a eureka moment while separating harvested spruce resin and bark chips. Get your hands on Bark Blazers and make your fire-building process a breeze!


Boreal Heartland

"Each spring we provide GACP training, which is the current gold standard for foraged products, for prospective harvesters in various communities. Harvesters work in their own time and we pay fair prices by the pound. Approximately 75 individuals bring plants in between June and August. Some harvest by the truck load, while families with kids bring in boxes or bags. Harvesting can be a livelihood, a teen’s first pay cheque, a family activity or bonus money to spoil the grandkids with a trampoline. 90% of harvesters are Indigenous and most work on family traplines or traditional territory. We work with communities across the north including Ile a la Crosse, Jans Bay, Cole Bay, Beauval, Stanley Mission, La Ronge, Air Ronge, Lac La Ronge Indian Band, Hall Lake, Weyakwin, Deschambault, and Pelican Narrows. We also hire seasonal staff to help process the plants."