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"Located on the coast of the Arctic Ocean in Nunavut, Uasau Soap (pronounced ooh-ah-sow) draws its inspiration from prehistoric Inuit tradition and the Nuna. In Inuktitut, Nuna means everything found on the land and in the sea: water, ice, animals, plants, rocks – even the spirits and memories of our ancestors. By capturing the magic and wisdom of the Nuna, each of our hand-made small-batch products replenishes and nourishes your skin."

Bar Soap 4oz

Iqaluit Kuunga, "Facial Clay Bar"

During the summer months northerners harvest and prepare for the long winter ahead. Uasau hand picks clay as one of things that needs to be done before winter hits.

From the iqaluit Kuunga clay, Uasau developed a beautiful clay bar from its river banks.

This bar has layers of cocoa, mango and shea butters, these butters will hydrate your face and body to keep you happy and ready to fight the world.

Peppermint "i lichen you" hand and body soap"

What’s not to lichen about this reenergizing soap? Flush with goat’s milk and olive oil, treat your skin to a natural exfoliation by hand-picked tundra lichen from nearby Nunavik. (Well, anything under 1,000km is nearby in the Arctic.) Great gift for the pun-lover in your life.

Ingredients: goat milk & olive soap bases, lichen hand-picked from Kuujjuaq (Nunavik)

Bowhead Bergamot Hand and Body Soap

The rich creaminess of goats milk accented with olive oil forms the base of this soap, scented with bergamot essential oil. 

Ingredients: goat milk and olive soap bases, natural colorants, bergamot essential oil and bowhead whale oil.




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Customer Reviews

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Joyce Sekyi
I love this soap

This soap works perfectly well for my dry face.
Makes my skin moisturized!

L Wildman
Impressed Uasau

Loved it, going to order more

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