Boy Chief Premium Wool Baby Blanket

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 The Boy Chief Premium Wool Baby Blanket is crafted from an 82% blend of wool and 18% cotton for a soft and luxurious feel. The elegant suede edging adds a touch of sophistication, making this a perfect gift for any occasion. This blanket is designed to be dry clean only, ensuring that it will remain in top condition for years to come. The unique fabric patterns are deeply rooted in the Blackfoot culture, representing not only tribal affiliations but also the contemporary lives and communities of the Blackfoot people. The vibrant colors and geometric symbolism tell a powerful story of life, death, and the power of the creator. This collection is named after their great grandfather, Boy Chief, a respected warrior and medicine man of the Blackfoot tribe. By establishing Boy Chief Trading Company, we aim to honor his legacy and preserve the rich traditions of the Blackfoot culture in both Canada and the United States.


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