Modern Native Feasts

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Native American cuisine comes of age in this elegant, contemporary collection that reinterprets and updates traditional Native recipes with modern, healthy twists. Andrew George Jr. was head chef for aboriginal foods at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver; his imaginative menus reflect the diverse new culinary landscape while being mindful of an ages-old reverence for the land and sea, reflecting the growing interest in a niche cuisine that is rapidly moving into the mainstream to become the "next big thing" among food trends. Andrew also works actively at making Native foods healthier and more nutritious, given that Native peoples suffer from diabetes at twice the rates of non-Natives; his recipes are lighter, less caloric, and include Asian touches, such as bison ribs with Thai spices, and a sushi roll with various cooked fish wrapped in nori. Other dishes include venison barley soup, wild berry crumble, seas asparagus salad, and buffalo tourtière.

Full of healthy, delicious, and thoroughly North American fare, Modern Native Feasts is the first Native American foods cookbook to go beyond the traditional and take a step into the twenty-first century.

Publication Date: Oct. 10 2013

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Customer Reviews

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Antoinette Pelletier
Honest review

Bought for my mom (48), she was unhappy with the cook book but I think because she already knew how to do certain recipes and such. Someone like me (19) would appreciate it so it really depends. Everything else was pretty interesting.

Denise LaViolette
Did not get the right bix

I did not get the correct box waiting for an answer back from the company

Julia Hancock
Lame cookbook

No sharing of traditional or cultural practices/techniques and no pictures of the dishes. Lacked substance.

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