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The Cree are a kind people who love gathering, sharing food, stories and laughter! Often times during these gatherings, the Cree would come together and play Tabahon. This ancient game has been a part of Cree culture for as long as the Cree can remember.

Originally, the Tabahon was constructed entirely of caribou, including caribou bones, knuckles and hide. Once assembled, the knuckles are stacked by “tabahoning” (threading) the bone through the hide or the knuckles, allowing the player to accumulate points.

Tabahon is a game that will bring hours of joy and laughter, accessible for all persons of any age and ability. Our family is proud to share a fun part of our culture with you. 

Play a modern day version of the ancient game. This classic colour combination made with white game pieces and golden moosehide lace and top.

This game is completely assembled.

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