Iska Dreams - Dreamcatcher Kit

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The Legend of the Dreamcatcher

It is told that there are both good and bad dreams that drift through the night air. The dreamcatcher is believed to have the power to entangle the bad dreams in its web, only letting the good dreams pass through the hole in the center. The good dreams then slide down the feathers, being delivered to the dreamer below. The bad dreams are then destroyed at the first mornings light. 

Kit Contents:

4" Metal hoop

Deer Leather Lacing

Imitation Sinew

Glass Beads (colour variations)

Natural Cotton String



Instructional Booklet

Métis artist, Cavelle Bieker started crafting dreamcatchers with the intention of using a creative outlet to connect with her culture. For many years, she used them as gifts for family and friends. Now, she has taken the hobby, and turned it into a business!

Empowered by her entrepreneurial family members, growing an Indigenous business, and making a positive difference in Indigenous communities has become a realistic goal. Cavelle believes that succeeding as an Indigenous business owner, is one of the most effective ways to make an impact on Indigenous communities.

The past, and how it has shaped her and her family's present has been illuminating, and motivating. Trauma, suppression, and shame, is turning into healing, power, and pride. 

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Oscar Baker III

Iska Dreams - Dreamcatcher Kit

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