Taste of Tradition

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Introducing our "Taste of Tradition" Gift Box – a curated assortment that beautifully captures the essence of timeless flavors and culinary heritage! This box is a journey through cherished recipes and flavors steeped in tradition, making it an ideal gift for those who appreciate the richness of heritage cuisine.

Inside this exquisitely crafted box, recipients will discover:

  1. River Select Candied Salmon: Two Varieties including Chinook and Sockeye

  2. Bangin' Bannock

  3. NWC Handpicked Sustainably grown Wild Rice

  4. Handpicked Wild Harvested Boreal Heartland Tea

  5. Saskatoon Jam

  6. Lake Reflections Honey Bear

The "Taste of Tradition" Gift Box is a celebration of culinary heritage and a tribute to the time-honored recipes that bring families together. Whether it's a gesture of appreciation, a celebration of cultural diversity, or a way to reminisce about cherished memories, this box encapsulates the beauty and depth of tradition through its delectable offerings.

Perfect for connoisseurs of fine tastes, food enthusiasts seeking authentic flavors, or anyone eager to explore the richness of cultural cuisine, our "Taste of Tradition" Gift Box is a heartfelt journey through the palate's past and present. Give the gift of tradition, flavor, and culinary delight with this thoughtfully curated box!

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Customer Reviews

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Pav Dundur

I purchased the pre-assembled food box as a present for one of my employees. It looked amazing and she loved it! Thank you so much!

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