Connected Cuppas Premium Loose Tea


We Make Great Tea

"We serve premium quality loose teas.  

We blend original, unique teas for everyone to enjoy.  

We also do custom blending for customers to give to friends"


Cuppas Immunity Tea

  • elderberries | raisins | hibiscus petals | rosehips | peppermint leaves | cinnamon

Feeling low in energy? This unique herbal tea blend, from Connected Cuppas, will give you soothing comfort with a boost of vitamin C! Elderberries boost your natural immune system and has been known to detoxify as well. In the olden days, it was used to help treat fevers, colds and flu's too. The peppermint helps soothe your belly while the cinnamon has anti inflammatory properties. Steep in hot water for about 5 minutes. Add a little honey for extra comfort!

Cuppas Chai 


  • black tea, cinnamon | allspice | cloves | fennel seeds | cardamom pods

Roasted in-house at Connected Cuppas, our Chai tea is a combination of bursting spice flavours. The Chai blend originates from India about 5000 years ago. Originally it did not have tea leaves in it, but in the 1600s, when black tea leaves were discovered in China, it became Chai Tea. Spruce it up with frothed milk, and either sugar, honey or maple syrup, will be soon one of your favorites also known as Chai Tea Lattes!

Cuppas Spiced Rooibos


  • Red rooibos | ginger and grapefruit peel

Ooohhhh rooibos! If you haven’t had any yet… you should! Any tea lover has to have this in their tea collection! There is no caffeine in this tea. Rooibos has a bit of an earthly flavor to it, which is great to help you be more grounded. Ginger is known to be a tad spicy yet comforting and awesome for the immune system and well-known to battle nausea. Pink grapefruit peel is said to help with skin rejuvenation and weight loss. What are you waiting for! 

Métis Tea

  • Nettle | Burdock | Peppermint | Blueberries/Saskatoons

Cuppas Crowsnest Tea

  • black tea | orange and lemon peel

A refreshing black tea. The orange and lemon peel give it a nice citrus flavour, including health benefits. It is said by Master Herbalists, that Orange and Lemon peel is often used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. They both are full of vitamin C which helps keep you healthy and balanced. From skin to digestion, this tea is a beautiful blend for anyone who needs a little energy boost in the afternoon.


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