Boreal Heartland Wild-Harvested Tea

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 Blending traditional flavours and supporting the livelihood of harvesters, these premium Boreal products are a testament to the community and sustainability of the boreal forest. From June to August, approximately 75 individuals harvest plants at their own pace and are fairly compensated by the pound. Whether it serves as a source of income, a first paycheck for teens, a family activity, or a way to spoil grandchildren, harvesting in the boreal forest has been a way of life for thousands of years. Despite its largely unknown heritage outside of northern communities, we are striving to change that by blending traditional herbs in a way that appeals to the modern palate for both taste and health benefits.


Boreal Heartland

"Each spring we provide GACP training, which is the current gold standard for foraged products, for prospective harvesters in various communities. Harvesters work in their own time and we pay fair prices by the pound. Approximately 75 individuals bring plants in between June and August. Some harvest by the truck load, while families with kids bring in boxes or bags. Harvesting can be a livelihood, a teen’s first pay cheque, a family activity or bonus money to spoil the grandkids with a trampoline. 90% of harvesters are Indigenous and most work on family traplines or traditional territory. We work with communities across the north including Ile a la Crosse, Jans Bay, Cole Bay, Beauval, Stanley Mission, La Ronge, Air Ronge, Lac La Ronge Indian Band, Hall Lake, Weyakwin, Deschambault, and Pelican Narrows. We also hire seasonal staff to help process the plants."